Looking for Miracles

A Bird of Passage(Departure), 2010

A Bird of passage(Arrival), 2009/2010

Bloom, 2009

Untitled, 2009

Swan Lake, 2010

Looking for Miracles, 2010

Paper Rain, 2009

Room of One’s Own, 2009

Lonely Piano, 2010

Untitled, 2009

The Wrecking Queens

Pariisin kevät

Illustration for Pariisin kevät, 2010

Agent Kooper

Record cover for Agent Koopers album “Head+Heart”, 2009

Cats on Fire

Record cover for Cats on Fire, Dealing In Antiques, 2010

Magenta Skycode

Record cover for Magenta Skycode promotional single, 2010

Record cover for Magenta Skycode “We’re Going to Climb” promotional single, 2009


Illustration and promotional pictures for Rubiks album “Solar” 2011


Illustration for Rubiks album “Dada Bandits”, 2009



K-X-P, 2010

Looking for Miracles Too

Dreamland, 2011

Land Escape #1, 2010

My Dear, 2011

Land Escape, 2010

Annika Saloranta

Model: Vivi Bolin
Clothes: Annika Saloranta